May 2024

Lead authors: G. Makrides, M. Norton, M. Tomazou, S. Afxenti, M. Papastavrou
Partners: S. Fragistas, I. Dedekis, M. Kouretsis, C. Kaiyun

This technical whitepaper aims to provide information about the field tests performed to verify the operational functionality and performance of module-level optimizers, Smart Module Controller by Huawei, to mitigate shading losses and improve the overall performance of PV systems. It specifically illustrates how Huawei’s Smart Module Controller technology can assist to harvest more energy from shaded modules. The purpose of the tests was to provide evidence and verify that the: “Application of optimizers at module level improves the energy yield and performance of PV systems under typical simulated rooftop residential solar partial shading coverage scenarios in comparison to systems without optimizers”.